Combs' Coffee -

We are Corinth’s first nano-roaster, specialty tea and coffee importer, coffee grower and licensed CQI/SCAA Arabica Q-Grader, café & chocolate maker (i.e., we love every aspect of coffee, chocolate and tea). We also carry craft beer and fine wine, as they parallel our other operations. We are committed to conducting business in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner; from sourcing our own products to running our daily roastery & café operations, thought and care has gone into every aspect. For example, our roastery and electric delivery vehicles are solar powered and our specialty tea, cacao and coffee farmers are paid well above fair trade for each lot. Check out this article from Roast Magazine in regard to our efforts on the service side:…/

Our initial mission was to find out where our favorite tea and coffee came from, we wanted to know everything from the type of plants they used, to the sun exposure, aspect, soil type, as well as every other resource that the farmers had available to them... basically everything about the origin that had an impact on the coffees flavor. In hindsight we took a rather unconventional approach to building a coffee, chocolate & tea company — we started on the opposite side of the value chain, on the opposite side of the world by visiting various tea and coffee producers in Africa and worked our way backward from learning: roasting, tasting and proper brewing techniques. Now that we’ve traveled to nearly twenty countries, I cannot imagine doing it any other way.

I had dreamed of opening my own restaurant since my very first job washing dishes in a Colorado resort restaurant back when I was only twelve years old. I spent my teenage years working my way up from a dishwasher to a pastry chef to an assistant manager. I almost went to culinary school; but didn't think I would make enough money in the short term, so I opted for the computer science route instead. After a decade of sitting behind a desk in the finance industry, with limited local specialty coffee options, I decided to journey into the wonderful world of specialty coffee, tea and cacao sourcing, roasting and quality grading. My goal was to find and deliver the best coffee, chocolate and tea that money could buy, to hard working people who didn't have time to frequent coffee shops.

Today we offer online ordering, subscription service, wholesale, catering, as well as our own local delivery service via our solar powered electric cars. We also operate a full service café and roastery that is powered by our own solar array.

We are inspired by the producers and the customers alike. I have started to share my travels and behind the scenes look at coffee competitions around the world on YouTube and Instagram based on our customers repeated requests. One of our customers wrote, “Not everyone who enjoys Comb’s coffee knows the man behind the brand, what makes you tick, what goes into the superb quality. I feel you are a “best kept secret,” James, and the greatest value I’ve received from you goes beyond your coffee. Your friendliness, curiosity, experience, joy, and authenticity are both appealing and inspiring. You have the ability to make the person to whom you give attention feel as though he or she is the only one in the room. You see a bigger picture and have an expansive narrative that adds value to others near and far.”

Our Operation-

Today our mission is still simple: provide our customers with the freshest, single origin coffee, cacao and tea imaginable; while consciously minimizing our environmental impact. We import our tea directly from Indonesia, China and the: Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings (a smallholder owned organization in Kenya)--they're fantastic at: marketing & educating (both farmers and their children), as well as sustaining hundreds of thousands of small-scale farms throughout Kenya. We also source and roast our own specialty-grade coffee and cacao at our roastery and café in Corinth, Texas, using one of the only solar powered, small-batch coffee and cacao roasters in the world. Likewise our farmers receive well over 100% more per-pound than the average fair trade farmer.

 We work with several unique estates and micro-mills to buy micro-lots of various varietals and processing methods in: Africa, Asia and Central America (whenever they're in season).

We greatly appreciate all of the work that goes into cultivating tea, cacao and coffee and thoroughly enjoy pouring over every detail, from the ripe cherry to the last delicious drop of the AeroPress. We hope that our efforts are reflected in every gram of tea, chocolate and coffee that we serve!

Feel free to reach out if have any questions or suggestions in regard to any of our products or services, or if you would like to wholesale any of our products.