All of our loose leaf Kenyan tea is grown in rich, volcanic soil, found at the highest point in the Mt. Kenya highlands. Our premium loose leaf tea is carefully picked and hand rolled by KTDA certified tea farmers and meticulously processed in the Kangaita tea factory on Mt. Kenya.

We are also one of the only KTDA approved loose leaf importers in the U.S. Our most popular tea is our hand-rolled, purple oolong tea. The floral, berry flavor and unique color make this a very delightful, easy-to-drink tea. It is also known to be one of the healthiest teas in the world, due to it's notably high antioxidant content. We have also recently brought back tea from Indonesia and Pu'er China. The Yunnan province of China is one of the most iconic and oldest tea growing regions in the world and is often credited as the birthplace of tea. Their tea cakes (or bricks) can fetch over $100 USD per pound and can age quite well and older teas are often sought out due to the increased smoothness and sweetness. They generally offer 'raw' or 'cooked' tea (i.e., raw tea is pressed green tea and cooked refers to a fermented black tea). The Chinese tea tradition is to steep each tea multiple times, so one 3 gram piece of a tea brick can yield dozens of cups of tea.



We seek out Specialty grade coffee from some really neat farms in East Africa, Asia and Central America. The Specialty coffee value chain consists of: dedicated and heavily focused farmers that work year-round to ensure that each plant is happy and healthy. Patient and skilled pickers: wait until each coffee cherry is ripe and ready to harvest. Quick and precise mill workers: sort and process the ripe coffee cherries using: natural, pulped natural or washed coffee processing methods. Dry mill workers: remove the parchment, polish and further sort the coffee by: color, size, shape, weight, etc. Packagers: ensure that the correct lots are carefully packaged in Grain Pro bags, to lock in the optimum amount of moisture prior to shipping. Q-Graders: grade and evaluate the green and roasted coffee to ensure that each lot meets the strict CQI and SCAA standards.

We roast our Specialty Grade coffee at our nano roastery in Corinth Texas. We are also one of the first craft coffee roaster to use solar power to power our one-of-a-kind nano roasters.  We are also the first coffee roaster to use a solar powered electric car as an energy source for our small-batch coffee roasters.


Try Some

You can pick-up a jar of our coffee at: the Juice Lab, Java Rocket, Natural Grocers, Recycled Books, 940s in Denton, Circle N Dairy, Coyote Ridge Golf Club/Grill 19, The London Baker in Lewisville or at the Denton Community Market on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday thru the end of November. You can also order here, or via: Amazon.com, Facebook.com, UberEATS, DoorDash, Grub Hub and Offthefarmfood.com.