Kenyan Silver-Needle Tea


Kenyan Silver-Needle Tea

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This variety of white tea is often referred to as a Silver Needle tea due to way the tiny hair on each bud shimmer in the sunlight. This is another rare find in East African, as the majority of the tea that they produce is either black or green. Most of the Silver Needle (aka: tea-bud-tea) comes from either China or India, and are only produced at first flush (in spring time). This is by far one of the highest regarded and most sought after premium teas on the specialty tea market. 

Silver-Needle tea is also one of the hardest teas to produce, due to the amount of labor involved in separating only the top leaf and bud.

Silver Needle is grown and hand picked in the highest hectares of the Mt. Kenya Highlands (2036 meters). This is significant because the higher the altitude, the richer and more flavorful the tea becomes (mostly because tea doesn't grow as fast at high altitude). The tea pickers carefully extract only the bud from each tea (Camellia Sinensis) plant. Once the leaves arrive at the Kangaita tea factory they are withered, dried and packaged for delivery.

*Tasting notes: floral, light and sweet.

We generally recommend using a Handy Brew or tea pot with a brew basket to brew the tea. The water temperature should be between 180 and 190 and the steeping time should not exceed 3 minutes, due to the delicate nature of this tea.

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